Best Details from the perfect Hair Styles

The hairstyle is not a subject that fascinates me of the masses and especially because it is very difficult to delimit. If I wanted to be really complete, we should talk in detail about each hairstyle for each type of face, different products and different types of hair, and in addition to the pitfalls that fashion magazines can give you.

We see this cup everywhere, and I give it maximum one year before disappearing as quickly as it arrivedIn short, if we wanted to be complete, it would have been necessary to write 10,000 words on a subject that I do not master (and we do not like) really. On the other hand, it was important for me to present you with a clear, simple and easy-to-use info graphic that quickly summarizes all the ambiguities of this topic.

Rather than disperse on special cases, we chose to focus on the state of mind to have to choose your cup and communicate well with your hairdresser. In short, the essential. For the SmartStyle Hair Salon Services this is an important task that you will have to do.

The General Style

If you want to completely change your style, it’s best to have a picture of what you have in mind. If you want to keep the same cut, just show a picture of yourself when you have the perfect length. (And for that, Facebook is your best friend).

The Length Of The Cup

There are two types of hairdressers: one that will almost shave your skull after you have specified that you want a cut “just a little more clear” and one that will not take too much risk and where you will hardly notice the difference. In short, the very short of one will be the “slightly cleared” of the other.

Be ultra-specific and always express yourself in centimeters: usually you will have very little chance of error by asking to remove 1 cm on each side. Reiterate if it’s still too long.

Be careful if you get your hair cut abroad: saying “1 cm” in some countries does not mean “cut me 1 cm of hair length” but “leave me 1 cm of hair length”. This is in any case true in Cambodia (experience lived by friends) and the result may suddenly surprise

The Gradient

This is a word used quite commonly in the hairdresser, and I took the trouble to understand it very late. It simply means that your length of hair will go from shortest to longest while descending: it will be the longest on top. You can also refuse to have a uniform length everywhere.

Variation: The Graduate

The graduate is long up and runs down.This is usually what happens last in your cup, and it’s a question that always takes me a bit of short because it’s a consideration I never think about.